Welcome to Angkor International Hotel, Phnom Penh

This Angkorian style charming hotel is based in central Phnom Penh, very close to all the Phnom Penh sights,

300 meters from the river and 5 minutes to the lovely night area.

It has 80 rooms which have been renovated and it offers a reception service and safety 24-hour.

A huge hall of 120m2 allows you to make yourself comfortable when you arrive where you will find a charming and dedicated staff.

French and Franco-Khmer's management team.

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You find all you need from Angkor International Hotel about the citizens, its administration, social services, and the Khmer Culture...

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Services & Features

Please enjoy with the good services & features from our hotel only in
Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Angkor Restaurant

Angkor Restaurant is open every days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Chef has been trained by top internation chef.