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Welcome to the Cyclos Tours!!!

Cyclos are an intergral part of Phnom Penh landscape. This iconic vehicles, first introduced in 1936 remain one of the best and most economical way to see the city. Cyclo drivers, however are among the poorest of the urban poor in Cambodia. The Cyclo center is a local NGO providing basic support and social services to the drivers. The exact number of Cyclo drivers in Phnom Penh is not known because of the transient nature of the work, but we have nearly 30 register members. 

We organize fundrising cyclo rails that strech from our hotel to around the tourists places such as Colonial Post Office Building, Wat Phnom, Independence Monument, through along the river pass the Royal Palace, National Museum and back to our hotel. The Tour approximately 1-hour and 30-minutes to 2-hours with the stopping of photo taken.

The tour cost USD 5.00 per cyclo

Note: 1 Cyclo for one person

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